Saturday AM Update: Daisy is doing well!

Daisy Resting at Home Day 3

Daisy resting at home – Day 3

Hi all!

After getting over the enormous joy at having Daisy home and the enormous shock at her appearance, we have settled down into a routine.  Surprisingly, Daisy acts as if nothing has changed. She knows where all of her beds are, where all the toys are, where the gecko that lives in our garden wall is, where the chipmunk that lives in our down on spout is, where the treats on the shelf are….Our first greyhound never “roached” but Daisy loves to. So you can imagine what a 34lb greyhound on her back looks like!

Of course, she is terribly hungry and her teeth clatter together in anticipation of food. She is being fed every 2 hours from 6am to midnite. (meanwhile our 15lb  mutt feels entitled to frequent meals too). She has had no diarrhea and has kept all food in her tummy without trouble. We bought Blue Buffalo puppyfood without gluten because of its high kcal and high protein content. We also have the Natural Balance “sausages” that are high in protein and bought a vitamin/energy puppy paste that we put in her food as well. The probiotics should help her while on all these antibiotics and the organic greek yogurt should help too! We have given her cooked hamburger and cooked eggs and rice. She eats everything offered. And I am pleased to say, she remembers her manners and does not counter surf like she did when we first adopted her. After just 48 hours, her face doesn’t seem quite as shriveled and hollowed.

The past 2 nights, Daisy has whined and cried in her sleep. I think she is having bad dreams. We just reassure her and remind her that she is home. She settles back down quickly. The first night she was too weak to climb our stairs to go to bed (both dogs sleep in our bedroom) and Chris has been carrying her up. Today, she took the stairs up herself.

I am still finding dead ticks on her, I don’t know how many hundreds she had on her. She has many many abrasions on her and open wounds and swollen pawpads and swollen “elbows”. I have a sodium sulfacetamide and sulfur cleanser that we will  use in her bath later today. She continues to favor the hip where she presumably was hit by the car, but is not limping. My vet has a water tank for aqua therapy/rehab that I hope she can start in about a week.

The Oconee Enterprise (newspaper) and the Oconee patch have interviewed us with promises of articles. I have left my contact numbers for the editor of Athens patch. Everywhere we go and see the “Daisy flyers” we take them down and tell her story. The news of Daisy’s return has begun to spread throughout the community. We all need to hear wonderful news in the midst of all the horrific news we hear on tv/radio/newspapers.

I will keep you, her greyter greyhound family, updated in her progress. I remain profoundly thankful and pleased to be a member of this greyhound family.


Daisy Resting at Home Day 3

Daisy Resting at Home Day 3


6 responses to “Saturday AM Update: Daisy is doing well!”

  1. Holly says :

    So glad to hear that she is doing well! Love to see her relaxing in her own comfy bed. Poor thing crying in her sleep, though. Makes you realize how scared she was out there. I hope she forgets about this whole thing quickly and starts having dreams about chasing squirrels instead! 🙂 All the best from another greyhound owner.

  2. LauraL says :

    This little girl hound may look delicate but she has sure proven to be tough as nails. Rest well & eat hearty, Daisy. You are one lucky hound to have such a loving & devoted family. And now you’ve got a huge fan club as well.

  3. pat nelson says :

    Thank you, Lauren for keeping us updated. You all did a fantastic job!

  4. Russ says :

    Thank you for the updates Lauren on our little hound. I know she is one happy girl now that she is back in her loving home. I say our little girl because all SEGA hounds and folks we are all family.

  5. Abby Wolters says :

    Thanks for the update! Daisy could not ask for more loving, dedicated parents 🙂

  6. Carol Mitchell says :

    It’s so good to have a happy ending for Daisy and her folks!

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