Monday AM Update: Daisy continues her recovery

Daisy and Chris

Daisy and Chris

Good Morning All!

What a different weekend this one was compared to the 3 previous weekends!  This weekend was all about relaxing at home!  I am happy to say Daisy is now sleeping through the night, no more crying in her sleep (that had been heartbreaking).

We have started her physical rehabilitation by going for a short 10 minute walk last evening. She was happy to be on her leash and walking with her constant companion Penny (our 15 lb mutt). Daisy used to have such muscular thighs and I’m hoping  she can restore her previous physique. Dasiy is very much in a recuperation stage of her recovery, sleeping many more hours than previously. I expect that will change once her energy returns.

Daisy continues to eat well. We have changed to slightly larger meals every 4 hours and again Daisy has had no digestive issues. We did take the suggestion of feeding her Kraft macaroni and cheese and she ate it all. I made her lots of bacon as well, thinking both the fat and protein are good for her. The trick of grilling bacon in the streets for her did not bring her home, but grilling bacon for her at home will hopefully keep her home!

We have a follow up appointment with her veterinarian on Friday and hope to have bloodwork done at that time.

I have made thank you flyers that I am posting in strategic areas so that the people who might want to know that Daisy is safe will read them. I have given thank you daisy bouquets to Cindy on Grace Lane who allowed us to put the live trap on her property and to Barb on Simonton Bridge who allowed us to sit for days in her backyard by the pond where I had seen Daisy. Both were pleased to hear of Daisy’s return.

Well wishes have come from near and far. We have heard from folks whose greyhounds have survived similar ordeals and have ultimately thrived and their reassurance are appreciated.

I have attached Daisy’s most recent photo with Chris and already she really does look better! Plus, I had to share her most “unladylike” pose with you as well. She is a nut!



The Silly Girl!

The Silly Girl!


14 responses to “Monday AM Update: Daisy continues her recovery”

  1. Melinda Kaufman says :

    Ask your vet about the bacon. You don’t want her to develop pancreatitis in her condition.

  2. pat nelson says :

    Oh happy day!! She looks so happy. Thanks for the update.

  3. Lauren Whalen says :

    OMG! I was unaware of the dangers of bacon. Rest assured, I will eat it instead!

  4. Sighthounds says :

    aw precious Daisy! Despite her super skinny & muscle loss body, her “unladylike” position gets a 10 for the Roach of the Year!

  5. Carrie Kennedy says :

    My, what a difference a few days make! She really does look better. I love the “unlady like” picture!!! Looks like Daisy is adjusting well to her new home life, keep on sleeping pretty girl!!!!! Carrie

  6. Kelly says :

    She looks sooooooo much better!!! How awesome she has the energy to play!!!! Keep up all the awesome work! Also, so glad the bad dreams have stopped. You’re both awesome “parents!”. Thank you, also, for all the constant updates! Not a day goes by I don’t think of her & wonder how she’s doing. Kinda weird how we love something we’ve never even met!! Wish the Daisy party was a little closer to home, but will try to make it.

  7. Lauri says :

    She looks so much better! I’m looking forward to more updates!

  8. Melinda Kaufman, Amber (from FL) and Zoey (from SEGA) says :

    The wonderful greyhound community is not just in Georgia. I have passed on Daisy’s ordeal to caring folks in South Florida. A lovely greyhound name Alice was lost in the Boca Raton area several years ago and many, many people spent hours going through what you have just gone through-the flyers, the footwork, the hunting, the phone calls, the trap and the night cameras. Sadly, poor Alice was never found. These folks in FL are crying tears of happiness that Daisy was found. We are all so happy for you all!!

    • Kathy R says :

      Hi Melinda–I doubt was around several years ago, but I will tell you, in addition to all the leg work, calls and hours the family and volunteers spent, that service helped generate the leads that led to the family finding Daisy. It was worth EVERY SINGLE penny 🙂

      • Christine B says :

        I heartedly agree with Kathy R – FindToto was the clinch pin in the end. It became an invaluable asset, and should be considered a # 1 tool for every lost hound in the future.

  9. LauraL says :

    Good going, Daisy dear… or is that deer? 🙂 Bet you’ll be back to your usual muscle girl physique faster than we thought.

  10. Sue says :

    She is looking fantastic!!!! Keep up the good work.. She is sooo lucky to have such a wonderful forever mommy & daddy.

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