Message from Daisy

Daisy at 44 lbs - Day 8

Daisy at 44 lbs – Day 8

Hello from Daisy!

Well, it’s been 8 days since my dad found me and brought me home! I still wonder why it took so long for my parents to find me. They keep talking about finding “a needlenose in the haystack”.  Anyways, I sure am happy to be home!

My mom took me to the vet, Dr.James Bangle. I like him except when he gave me a booster on my leptospirosis vaccine. And then I thought he was going to give me another shot but instead he put this chip in me.  I think it is like a potato chip, cuz he said something about “you can’t have just one” (way to find me that is).

Dr. Bangle said I could eat all the BigMacs I want, but no bacon. I think I see a trip to McDonalds soon.  He was impressed with my weight. I was 34lbs last week and now I am 44lbs! That is more than a pound a day that I have gained! It is definitely all those yummy treats people have been sending me from Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania…thank you so much!

My parents have been taking me for walks in the neighborhood. It kinda wears me out, so then I take a nice long nap in my kennel. That’s me in the picture, sleeping on my back with my eyes rolled back. Really, I wish my mom wouldn’t take such embarrassing pictures of me!

It’s ten o’clock at night and time for my bedtime snack. Then off to bed. Wow, this is just the best life! A full stomach, soft bed, and friends like you who care!

Love to all,

Miss Daisy

Snoozin' - Day 8

Snoozin’ – Day 8


4 responses to “Message from Daisy”

  1. pat nelson says :

    Love you, Daisy………from Emilie. and Desi greyhounds in Connecticut.

  2. Trudy Garofalo says :

    So happy to see that you are gaining weight and getting healthy again.
    Please tell the Momma that the heart was crocheted.

  3. Abby Wolters says :

    Wow, she’s looking so much better already! Thanks for the updates – hope to see many more showing her progress and personality 🙂

  4. Holly says :

    Daisy, you look so great!

    Pippi, Sega greyhound in Massachusetts

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