Daisy at 53 Pounds!

Daisy 53 Lbs - August 6, 2012

Daisy 53 Lbs – August 6, 2012

Hello All!

I am pleased to say that Daisy is now at 53lbs, just shy of her previous 56-59lb healthy weight range. She continues to eat and sleep well and we’ve decided to cut out the midnight snack she was used to receiving. Now she receives just a “pat on the head” after a midnight romp outside. I expect she will get bored of that soon and will sleep through the night uninterrupted.

Tail Wound

Tail Wound

She did develop a “stud tail” this weekend quite abruptly. A vet trip today ended with her being placed on antibiotics and lots of reassurance. I’m not sure her fur will grow back there, but it will add to her other “battle scars”.

We hope you enjoy her most recent photos and as always, we thank you for your care and concern!

A special thank you to Stevie who made yummy frozen treats for Daisy and brought her a daisy-flowered fleece coat. Now Daisy  can dry off in style!

Lauren Whalen

Daisy Closeup

Daisy Closeup

Daisy Shows Off Her Battle Scars

Daisy Shows Off Her Battle Scars


6 responses to “Daisy at 53 Pounds!”

  1. pat nelson says :

    Thanks for the update, Lauren. So happy all is well.

  2. Lex Thompson says :

    Great to see she is putting on the pounds. This is the first time I’ve seen a stump tail injury. Did the vet happen to say what caused that?

    • whalenetal says :

      Oops! I meant to say “stud tail” which is a supracaudal gland infection. It is being treated with antibiotics as it was fairly swollen and tender. After a day of antibiotics, she is feeling better already! Thanks! Lauren

  3. Abby Wolters says :

    Looking good, Miss Daisy! Lauren, how’s her mental state now? I hope she knows how lucky she is to be back home and never feels an urge to leave the yard on her own again 🙂

  4. LauraL says :

    She is improving so fast! Battle scars just add character. She beautiful.

  5. Holly says :

    Daisy is so beautiful! So happy that she is putting the pounds on and feeling well! Midnight snacks, I better not tell my dogs about that 😉

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