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Chris (owner) found her laying in the woods. He has taken her to the vet. 

Words cannot express how overjoyed we are!  Please let her be okay!


Info on an Additional Sighting This Week

Update from Russ on an additional sighting in the area:

Leaving the area tonight I did a swing through the neighborhood to the south of Barnett Shoals and at 1220 Barnett Ridge. I talked to a gentleman that said he saw a Greyhound a few days back in his neighborhood and he was sure it was a Greyhound because he thought, what was a Greyhound doing around here. I asked him if it could have been a young deer, and he said no it was a Greyhound. Now it was before the sightings on Greyfriars Rd and to the south of Barnett Rd but it gives me hope that she may be staying in the same general area. I only had a few flyers and was out of them before I met the guy on Barnett Ridge but I think we should blanket both areas with flyers and maybe walk the river bank near the bridge. Dave and I walked the river near the north end of Greyfriars Rd and saw no signs of tracks but the river is a common path between both sightings. I also talked to the UPS driver and gave him my last flyer. I do think we are close to finding her.

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Daisy Sighting Yesterday and Monday!

Location: Click here for map – Greyfriars Road off of Barnett Shoals

If you are available to help search the area, please mobilize.

Sightings map is also updated with location of latest marker!

Update from Chris and Lauren, Wednesday night:

Today we received a call from a resident of Greyfriars Road (120 Greyfriars). We spoke with him to clarify some details. He saw Daisy the mornings of July 16 and 17 on Greyfriars, walking toward Barnett Shoals. He grew up near a greyhound race track in FL and is certain that it was a greyhound and not a neighborhood dog who resembles Daisy. After talking with him, we think this is a high probability sighting.

He is very agreeable to setting up a feeding station on his property. His house is near Barnett Shoals and he is worried about Daisy crossing the road.

This evening we placed 100+ flyers on: Greyfriars, Hickory Pointe (to power lines), Barnett Ridge, Barnet Road, Barnet Place, Golf Course Lane.

We will go to look for Daisy tomorrow morning and hope to sight her.