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Chris (owner) found her laying in the woods. He has taken her to the vet. 

Words cannot express how overjoyed we are!  Please let her be okay!


Need for Searchers Today

Update from Lauren:

There are more pink flyers in the plastic box along with a more targeted map and a list of street names that need flyers.

We are putting a feeding station at 120 Greyfriars where she has been seen twice by Tom. Chris has talked to Tom in detail about the sightings and we feel confident it is Daisy.

My heartfelt thanks to all who searched and handed out flyers and prayed today!


Lauren’s home address: 1501 Hickory Hill Drive, Watkinsville, GA 30677

Daisy Sighting Yesterday and Monday!

Location: Click here for map – Greyfriars Road off of Barnett Shoals

If you are available to help search the area, please mobilize.

Sightings map is also updated with location of latest marker!

Update from Chris and Lauren, Wednesday night:

Today we received a call from a resident of Greyfriars Road (120 Greyfriars). We spoke with him to clarify some details. He saw Daisy the mornings of July 16 and 17 on Greyfriars, walking toward Barnett Shoals. He grew up near a greyhound race track in FL and is certain that it was a greyhound and not a neighborhood dog who resembles Daisy. After talking with him, we think this is a high probability sighting.

He is very agreeable to setting up a feeding station on his property. His house is near Barnett Shoals and he is worried about Daisy crossing the road.

This evening we placed 100+ flyers on: Greyfriars, Hickory Pointe (to power lines), Barnett Ridge, Barnet Road, Barnet Place, Golf Course Lane.

We will go to look for Daisy tomorrow morning and hope to sight her.

Search Activities for This Week

This method of organizing the search activities has worked well so Lauren will continue to use it…thanks to everyone who has participated in the search!

Lauren will have a clear plastic box by the mailbox that contains a map of Oconee County and suggested places to search. The search areas are divided and labeled 1-8. If anyone wants to take a search area, if you could please put your names on the attached form so that we can spread our force of volunteers out as wide as possible.

Lauren’s home address: 1501 Hickory Hill Drive, Watkinsville, GA 30677

Lauren’s Update on Saturday’s Activities

Chris and I traveled the train tracks and decided that Daisy would not have gone over the river on the train tracks. (scary high bridge over a swiftly moving river) So, I believe that the Oconee River is one of her boundaries.  We spent time looking south around Barnett Shoals and areas off of Norton Road and then further south on McGree’s gin road. Still no sign of Daisy.  sigh.

Mike Simmons brought 1000 flyers and then he and Dana took off to distribute flyers. Christi and Jodi came this afternoon and also placed flyers in a different neighborhood. Thank you to all four of you!

The radio station 97.1 The River, had someone talking about Daisy! I didn’t hear it myself, but got a few texts about it. The more publicity the better!

I am not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I hope there will be a Daisy sighting!


P.S. Click here to see some words of advice that Lauren got from a dog tracker.  You can also find this document in the Resources section of this blog.

Update on Friday activities – more food eaten

Susan and Shanna searched for Daisy today.  They distributed flyers and talked to people in a wider circle.  Specically, they were considering the following areas, which are south of where Daisy has previously been spotted: Barnett Shoals Rd. (which Lauren said has already been worked), Greensboro Hwy., and Colham Ferry Rd.  To the north, possibilities are around the Athens Perimeter, Epps Bridge Rd., Timothy Rd., and W. Lake Dr.

If needed, Susan’s phone number is posted in the Contacts section of the blog.

Update on feeding station (Stevie at 9:05 PM): The food at ramblewood was flipped and eaten again, but I refilled it just in case 😉 We walked down toward the stream back there since all the water is high right now, and then we hung out in the car in case something was waiting for us to fill the food station. No luck yet. We drove the routes in the neighborhood plus simonton, and all of s milledge past the gardens.  I thought of the train tracks too, since they are often quiet. Hoping for a sighiting soon.

Today’s Activities

Russ Thomas and Dave Strickland were in Watkinsville this morning hoping for a sighting.  They left food at the picnic table, chair and dock at 2150 Simonton Bridge Road.   Stevie will check on it tonight.  She is also planning to drive all of the sightings tonight as well.

Lauren submitted a letter to the editor at in which she described how the Watkinsville community and SEGA have come together to help find Daisy.  She hopes it is included in their next printing because it could be a great way to get the word out to many people in the area.

Feeding trapSusan setup a feeding trap complete with grilled fish, bacon and a soft bed.  She monitored it this afternoon but there were no signs of Daisy.  She suggests that we do the same in many cul de sacs throughout the neighborhood this weekend.  Note: It has been mentioned that Daisy may panic when trapped, and she might get hurt in an X-pen based trap.  The best trap option is probably a device that was made for live trap purposes.

This evening, Chris and Lauren searched every area where Daisy had been sighted. Sad to say, the waterproof dog treats left at the pond at 2150 Simonton Bridge Road were left untouched and there were no new dog tracks. They covered Grace lane next, then on to Athens Academy, Rockinwood and Spartan Lanes, back to Claremont and Hunting Creek Dr. and many streets in between. No Daisy.

Mike Simmons graciously made 200 flyers and distributed them this evening. He also volunteered to make another 500 flyers for this weekend if anyone wants to come out to help distribute the updated flyers.

Update from Angie:  I drove down Ramblewood and there is a brown medium size dog, either boxer or bit of pit bull…I’m not good with the  mixes.  Probably no more than 35-40 lbs.   He chased us in the car…I suspect he enjoyed your snacks.  He possibly lives in the 3rd house on left up from the bottom of the cul de sac.  This was the first time we have seen that dog and we have drove up there many times.  We drove up and down several developments and we had our white and brindle greyhound in the car, so hopefully nobody thought it was Daisy.   Also I saw plenty of deer.  The Oconee River is right there at Brittain Estates…but I can’t imagine her going that far..Seems pretty rough terrain.

Thanks to all for their creative and dedicated efforts today.